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Quotes I attended a level 2 class with Pam a few weeks ago, and was so amazed (secretly feeling really proud of myself) when what she was teaching us actually happened as she said it would. Its so hard to believe in something you cant see , but after this second session i am a firm believer in the powers of REIKI. Following the class Pam told me all about a dog i had brought into the class . I knew most of the dogs troubled past but Pam had never seen this dog before. From the distance across the room she was able to tell me his past , it was so incredible as she got everything correct. I have a new found even deeper respect for Pam and her capabilities, i only hope i can continue on with teachings and learn even more form her. Quotes
caroline bird

Quotes I just wanted to express my thanks to you. The amazing work you did with my Lucy made a world of difference. She had a 10% survival prognosis...I was scared and sad and worried for my sweet girl. But you walked into my home, last minute and you felt Lucy's energy and told me about her will to live. You calmed me...told me that Lucy said she was not at all ready to call it quits in life. She came to you and connected with you from the moment she saw you. Lucy laid her head on your lap, and you smiled. I knew then that she was going to be okay. And she is! Lucy is cancer free and recovering. Thank you, I look forward to working with you in the future:) Quotes
Virginia & Lucy

Quotes Immediately after taking Pam's course, Energy for Animals, I took her suggestion to self-treat everyday and began to balance my chakra's night and day. The morning after I began the practice, I woke up pain-free. Considering I'd been waking up with a sore, tight Achilles for the past 3 months (due to a pretty bad case of tendonitis), I was very pleasantly surprised by the healing. I figured it work eventually but never thought it would happen, literally, overnight! Thanks, Pam. Quotes
Regan McPhee

Quotes The Reiki session gave me valuable insight into my energy blockages and has provided me with a clear course on what areas I need to focus on to balance out energy and eliminate the blockages. That I had a very restful and deep sleep that I have not had in many, many months. My increase in energy, focus and focus mind has been noticed by family and definitely by myself. I am looking forward to continued Reiki session with you to help me with my energy. I will close with this: the Reiki session provided me with the physical energy alignment that I so desperately needed and the Guided Session provided me with the emotional alignment that I also needed. Quotes
Mary MacKenzie

Quotes I did my Level II Reiki attunement with Pam. Pam is absolutely wonderful. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering Reiki training. Her positive energy is infectious. I really learned a lot. We did some eye opening tests using the pendulum to show that we are indeed connected and can use it for guidance. Quotes

Quotes I have had the priviledge of having Reiki from Pam, and I took level 1 in January with Pam as the teacher. My sister and I Reiki share on a regular basis. I was amazed that on my first time giving her Reiki, that I was able to pick up the pain in her knee. My palms and fingers were throbbing. She was at a pain level 4 out of 5. I am looking forward to doing my level 2 with Pam in September. Reiki does not hurt. It is healing and a giving of love and comfort. My mother felt that love and healing from Pam when she gave Reiki to my Mom who passed away in October. Pam is a very caring person, and she shows this when she teaches. Quotes

Quotes What a great experience to be able to see the effects of reiki at the SPCA presentation. Cant wait for the Animal Level 1 reiki class!!! Quotes

Quotes I have received Reiki Treatments from Pam every since she became a Reiki Practitioner several years ago. Through these treatments, she has improved my health issues, helping reduce or eliminate pains associated with arthritis, migraine headaches, stress related symptoms, muscle strains, and allergy & asthma symptoms to name a few. She also has made a positive improvement on my dog's health, who suffers from anxiety and back issues. I always leave our sessions feeling re-energized and more at peace. Thank You Pam! Quotes
Mike B

Quotes I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to put on a seminar at the SPCA shelter on June 2nd. I really enjoyed it, along with my dog who was loving the free Reiki treatment, and kept nudging you for more. Having myself receive your reiki on my own shoulder I am no longer a skeptic as I could actually feel the benefits from it as I listened to the rest of the seminar. I am really looking forward to joining you when you go ahead and start up a level one workshop in September, I can clearly understand how it can be of benefit to animals who have behavior problems as the whole process does really help to relax them. Quotes
Caroline Bird, St Martins Dog Training

Quotes I highly recommend Pam's distant treatment service. I don't live near enough to take advantage of the in-person service, but I have truly had excellent distant treatment. Pam can connect with your energy and identify just where treatment is needed! Thank you Pam. Quotes
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