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Quotes Hi I've had the pleasure of having Pam provide Reiki treatments to my mother during her Palliative process. Mom enjoyed the treatments as they helped her on this journey, bringing her peace and this brought all of us ("the Kids") peace as well. Pam was able to provide Reiki treatments to myself and my siblings. For me, the treatments were helpful in going through the grieving process while looking after Mom and most definitely after Mom did leave this earthly plane. I took Level 1 from Pam in January 2013, about 4 months after Mom left us. Pam was a superb instructor. She got our class involved from the first moment of the class. Since then I've added Reiki techniques to the Healing Touch techniques I use as a Healing Touch Practitioner (H.T.P.). Energy work is for sharing, giving and receiving . Reiki will do no harm.It will only provide beautiful positive healing energy. Linda Scott R.N., F.C.N.,(Foot Care Nurse ),H.T.P. Quotes
Linda Scott

Quotes I was very concerned that Samson, my furry child, was picking up & carrying emotional stuff that belonged to his "parents" as well as my clients since he is, when invited, part of my Therapy Team! I saw Pam's notice about the Animal Rescue event & I messaged her to see if she was available to treat him. His first treatment was via distance energy & I was "blown away" by Pam's sense of knowing about him. The following day he had a hands on treatment & as a result I experienced a return of my " beautiful boy"! After sniffing around a bit Samson laid down in front of Pam & never moved until the treatment was over when he stood up gave a great shake & started to play! He has continued to play & appears to have been resting better ever since! My furry child is an essential part of my family & his health & well being is of vital importance to me! Investing in Reiki for your furry child is an act of love & appreciation for all their gifts to us! I highly recommend Pam's Reiki for your pet! Quotes
Pat Donihee, Certified Counselling Therapist/Donihee Consulting

Quotes I have had quite a few sessions with Pam and have felt so much comfort after her healing hands have provided such wonderful energy. She is so knowledgeable in her field and has such a special gift, I would recommend her treatment. Quotes
Judy Boudreau

Quotes When Reiki was suggested to me I was dealing with alot emotionally, causing tremendous strain to my body. Stress, over-exercising and life in general was wearing me down. Not well versed in Eastern Medicine, I had never heard of Reiki before. When it was explained to me, I believed it all to be "hocus-pocus", however I was still willing to give it a try. When I did I could FEEL the energy coming back to me. Pam would be able to sense any injuries in my body (without me informing her) and was able to help speed up the healing process. Not only was my body re-energized, but so was my overall well-being. To this day, I continue to refer to Reiki as a "massage for the soul". If Western ideas are not providing you with the comfort you seek, I would strongly suggest giving Reiki a try. I am glad I did. Pam is amazing!! Quotes
Scott G

Quotes I have had the pleasure to meet Pam last October (2012) I was going through an extremely difficult time and a dear friend recommended me to see Pam. I can honestly say that my life has changed even after one Reiki session, her knowledge, her understanding and her energy helped me better understand myself and led me to want to learn more about Reiki. It is not something that I can totally explain, it is really a "need to feel and experience for yourself" kind of thing. I strongly recommend everybody to at least try it once and then make a firm decision about it. Thank you Pam for your ongoing support, it is greatly appreciated. Quotes

Quotes I have had one reiki treatment so far with Pam for plantar fasciitis, and it was great. When I stood up and walked around I could actually feel the swelling was down even in my toes. My cats were around her more than they are ever around anyone that comes in, so they could feel the energy from her. Looking forward to another session. Thanks Pam! Quotes

Quotes I had the pleasure to receive a Reiki session from Pam, and I must say it was one of the best experiences ever. Before doing the session I had an idea about energy and how it works but after we finished our session I was much more equipped. Pam is full of knowledge and is great at what she does. I felt more energized and more alive after just a short session. I highly recommend everyone to try out reiki with Pam. I will definitely be visiting again soon! Hieu Le CEO Concord Concepts Inc. Quotes

Quotes Feedback from the staff has been very positive. One staff member indicated the following: "Pam is very knowledgeable in what she does. She has shown us that there are other ways to help ourselves rather than sit here helpless. I was a skeptic at first wondering if it would actually work, and then seeing her pinpoint "problem" areas that none of us had given her was amazing and has made a believer out of me". Quotes
Staff - Saint John Regional Hospital Medical Education Dept.

Quotes I am pleased with the level of knowledge & information that was provided to our staff members. Stress reduction is a must in any workplace, and I am happy that Pam was able to come on short notice & present to the staff a wellness option. I was pleasantly surprised & pleased to see that a high majority of the staff volunteered for demonstrations & eagerly interacted with the material presented. Quotes
Rhea Bowen, Medical Education Dept -Saint John Regional Hospital

Quotes I would highly recommend a Reiki session with Pam. Prior to having one, I was skeptical about the process and what it might provide, but have to say that my doubts quickly disappeared. Pam is a very warm individual and the consummate professional. She immediately made me feel very comfortable. It's hard to describe how wonderful and beneficial the Reiki session was. By the conclusion of it, I was completely relaxed yet felt recharged, rejuvenated and full of energy. I would encourage anyone to give it a try. You'll love the results! Quotes
Mary-Ellen Martin

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