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Quotes Pam came to our home and we immediately noticed a connection between her and our dog Maggie. Maggie curled up by Pam and barely acknowledged us. Pam informed us of the pain that Maggie was experiencing and some anxiety associated with it. Based on the information that Pam provided and a bit of investigation on our part we discovered that, in fact, Maggie had suffered a slight injury when staying with friends of ours, she had stumbled on their hardwood stairs and hurt her back. Pam made some recommendations about how best to support Maggie so that she would return to her healthy, energetic self and they worked. It was quite amazing to see the difference between how Maggie would normally react in situations and the way she responded to Pam. I would not hesitate to recommend Pam's Reiki sessions based upon my own experience and what I witnessed with Maggie. Quotes
Mary-Ellen Martin
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