Local Energy Sessions

What happens during an Energy session with Pam?

The client, fully clothed, lies on the treatment table. The energy level is reviewed to help identify any imbalances that may exist in the seven main energy centers. 

Then, hand positions are used directly on or just above the body, at various points on the body. Reconnective healing and foot or hand reflexology is incorporated to assist the body. 

Each hand position is held, depending on how much energy the client's body is absorbing in each position. Normally, more time is spent on ‘troublesome areas’ where the client has expressed issues exist.

What can you expect to feel during a session?

It depends on the individual. You could feel heat, a release of muscle tension and stress, a magnetic pull, or a tingling sensation … some feel their symptom intensify for a short period during the session, which we work through until it subsides. Mostly, you will feel a deep sense of relaxation.

In order to receive the full benefit of your treatment, it is recommended that you close your eyes and meditate, concentrating on practicing belly breathing … and let your body relax. It is very common for clients to sleep during a session because their bodies are so relaxed.

Feel free to give feedback during and after your session, and contact me any time after your appointment if you have any questions. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose! It is important that you contact your medical provider should you have any symptoms that are relating to your condition.

How often should you schedule an Energy session with Pam?

It depends. In my experience, the factor that most influences how long one should go between sessions is the state of the person when the first session was received.

In other words, if your overall emotional & physical health is well, an energy session might last a couple of weeks to a month.

However, if you are suffering from illness, chronic pain, or are in emotional distress (depression, high anxiety or stress, etc.), energy sessions will be most beneficial if it is received more frequently. 

“More frequently” can mean a couple times per week, once a week, or once every two weeks.

What To expect after an Energy session?

The most immediate result has been a reduction of the impact that stress has had on their body, and an overall feeling of being more balanced, calm and centered.

Why do symptoms sometimes feel worse or re-occur after a session?

Your body may release toxins, thus allowing your body to regulate itself and heal. Part of that natural healing process is ridding the body of unwanted toxins that may be either contributing to your problems or preventing the body from accessing its self-healing mechanisms.

This is called “Detox” or a "Healing Crisis".

You can assist your body in the toxin elimination by increasing your water intake. Consider drinking purified water with a squeeze of lemon, having herbal caffeine free tea, and getting rest. Take it easy for a day or two to let the body balance itself. Contact a medical provider if you have concerns about the symptoms of any condition you may have.

If symptoms re-occur after a certain period of time, this is your cue to continue receiving energy sessions 
which may assist the body to alleviate the root cause of the problem, along with regular medical care.

Don't give up, and maintain your positive outlook!

Reiki Testimonials

I would highly recommend a Reiki session with Pam. Prior to having one, I was sceptical about the process and what it might provide, but have to say that my doubts quickly disappeared.


Pam is a very warm individual and the consummate professional. She immediately made me feel very comfortable. It’s hard to describe how wonderful and beneficial the Reiki session was. By the conclusion of it, I was completely relaxed yet felt recharged, rejuvenated and full of energy.

I would encourage anyone to give it a try. You’ll love the results!


Mary-Ellen Martin

I've had the pleasure of having Pam provide Reiki sessions to my mother during her Palliative process. Mom enjoyed the treatments as they helped her on this journey, bringing her peace and this brought all of us ("the Kids") peace as well. Pam was able to provide Reiki treatments to myself and my siblings. For me, the treatments were helpful in going through the grieving process while looking after Mom and most definitely after Mom did leave this earthly plane.

I took Level 1 from Pam in January 2013, about 4 months after Mom left us. Pam was a superb instructor. She got our class involved from the first moment of the class. Since then I've added Reiki techniques to the Healing Touch techniques I use as a Healing Touch Practitioner (H.T.P.). Energy work is for sharing, giving and receiving .

Reiki will do no harm. It will only provide beautiful positive healing energy.

Linda Scott R.N., F.C.N.,(Foot Care Nurse ),H.T.P.

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The local Saint John Energy Sessions are $60 and they last approximately 45-60 minutes.

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