Reiki for Cats

Did you know that Reiki can benefit your feline friend?

Reiki for cats can be very different than Reiki for dogs or other animals. When offering Reiki to cats, it is best to take into consideration a cat’s nature. Since they are well known for their independent nature and in doing things on their terms, if a cat senses that they are being coerced or forced into a treatment, they will usually have no part of it. 

A Reiki treatment for a cat starts off by the Reiki practitioner sitting in the room with the cat and offering Reiki from a distance - allowing the cat to take only what energy that they want. In doing this, there is more likely a chance of getting a positive response.

Cats are very sensitive animals.  They have extremely strong senses and will react emphatically to strong odors and sounds.  Reiki energy is very often new to cats and the initial offering is very important.  It can be simply overwhelming to them if the energy is just “blasted” at them without any warning or without giving them the option to choose.

Once a cat has experienced Reiki energy, they will very often want a  hands-on treatment the next time around.  As with most animals, cats will let you know when they have received enough Reiki.  They will wake and stretch, go get a drink of water, or just simply leave the room. The practitioner will be able to sense that the energy has stopped flowing and the session is over.

Your feline friends will greatly benefit from your healing hands and will thank you!

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Video / Reiki on Cats

This video was taken in 2007 in Newmarket, Ontario during an animal healing class. This farm cat spotted the class teacher, Shiri Joshua, and ran up to her sensing her energy (another kitty joined later). The cat never met her before. It was later learned since he was an outdoor cat, he had an injury on his paw and his instincts led him to the teachers during class time to receive healing.
The mobile Energy sessions for animals are $60, and they typically run for 45-60 minutes, depending on the needs and the response from the animal client.

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