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Healers in the Operating Room

Breast program welcomes alternative practitioners before and during breast surgery.
Physicians, surgeons, and nursing staff at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia understand that emotional well-being plays an important role in healing, and they do as much as possible to address the full scope of patients' needs before, during, and after surgery. Sheldon Feldman, MD, Chief of the Breast Surgery Section, believes so strongly in the importance of patients' overall well-being that he is spearheading a program to welcome healers into the operating room during breast surgery.

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How Reiki Supports Health - Q&A with Author Raven Keyes

What do you tell people who are skeptical—particularly those who claim that Reiki defies the laws of science?

Scientists know that everything is made up of energy, so since Reiki is energy, it's already part of common scientific knowledge.

Beyond that, since I work with the Chief of Breast Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, I can simply point out to skeptics that Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, a doctor whose work in the field of breast cancer is respected throughout the world, recommends me to his patients. His trust in Reiki is based on his own clinical observations of the beneficial results he see; i.e. blood pressure remains steady on the operating table, less pain medication is needed after surgery, and the patients just do better overall.

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Reiki in the NFL

As things turned out, that “crack” was the breakthrough moment to “Reiki miracle.” After that, all the swelling went down in Charles’ knee, and every bit of his pain disappeared. He started to do football drills again, plus he was working out in the gym more strenuously than he had been able to since before his surgeries. Session four just a week later found him pumped up
with muscles that were obvious even through his jacket.Then during session five, he told us that he now had an appointment with a sports orthopedic surgeon, and if this doctor approved his return to football, he was going to have his agent contact his hometown Philadelphia Eagles to see if they would like to have him on their team. “If I go to Philadelphia,” he said, “you’re coming with me! I will want you to be my personal Reiki Masters.”

When he went to the doctor, Charles’ knee was so greatly improved that he was given a clean bill of health, with permission to play. It was a miracle. Nothing like this had ever happened before in the history of football.

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Reiki in the NFL


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